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We don’t know what it is about Zelda but it is one of the most consistent series we have seen in the world of gaming. Twilight Princess was one of the best games in the series and many contend it to be one of the best games of all time. The HD version offers superior visuals and better gameplay through new controls. The HD remake of Twilight Princess is essential for anyone who has not played Twilight Princess. If you like video games you will like Twilight Princess. If you have played Twilight Princess previously the HD remake might not be essential but you will fall in love once again if you play it. If you played it when you were a child we would highly recommend playing it again as an adult as you will understand the depths of its themes now.

Become a Wolf

This is what sets this game apart from any other game in the series. In Twilight Princess there is another realm which you must fix along with your own city. In this twilight realm you travel as a wolf. Eventually you get the ability to change from Link to the wolf whenever you want to. This changes the gameplay of the game completely.

Remember those puzzles which were hard to solve? Well now they are even more complex since you don’t only have to think about what you have to do, you also have to think about what form will be able to do what you need to do. The difference in combat is amazing as well; as the wolf you fight like a beast. You also get more abilities, such as digging and heightened senses when you are in the wolf state.

This makes this game completely unique as no other Zelda game has had such a game changing transformation.

Beautiful Visuals

The game is much more enjoyable now in crisp 1080p. The updated visuals allow the beauty of the game to come through easily. The Zelda series has always had beautiful visuals but Twilight Princess was seriously held back by the Wii’s inadequate visual prowess. Now that the game has much more to work with the graphics look much more immersive and gorgeous. The cut scenes are much better looking now. You will even find the game to be easier to play at times, such as when fishing, because this time around you will be able to see your target easily.

Better Gameplay

Our favorite thing about this remake might be the controls. While we miss some of the motion controls such as fishing with the Wii’s controller, the new controller scheme using the gamepad of the Wii U is fantastic. You get access to a lot more information through the screen in your hands and you can accomplish tasks quickly. Amiibo support has also been added and different Amiibo provide different benefits. Be warned though, Ganon’s Amiibo actually makes Link take more damage, which is a fantastic touch.


Zelda: Twilight Princess HD + Wolf Link amiibo - Wii U

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