Grand Theft Auto 5, Another Violent Addition


The chaos created at the release of new series of Grand Theft Auto has now become a predictable incident. Despite of the controversies associated with the game, the effort that Rockstar Game puts into the GTA series and the graphical designing cannot be matched. We have to give the due credit to the manufacturer for the remarkable release of another remarkable game in the form of GTA V.

Rockstar Games has debatably released the best they’ve ever put out with the release of GTA V. The game features not one, but three main characters that appeal to players with their rugged personalities and fearlessness. Michael is the successful bank robber, but he is not a successful family man. His marriage is at stake and his kids are not very helpful or understanding. Franklin Clinton is the second main character. He is an American car dealer that specializes in luxury cars. After meeting Michael, his life changes drastically. Trevor is the last main character and he is mentally unstable. He mainly deals with the weapons and different types of ammunition.

The graphics of the game are exceptional and modernized with the options of advanced features. The game is full of adventure, excitement, greed, hypocrisy, selfishness, and other human weaknesses. The 3D mode of the game enables players to experience a real life feel of the game. The 3 dimension effects are able to take the player in the world of excitement and crime. These effects are highly advanced and regarded as a new milestone in the field of digital gaming. California is, once again, chosen as the setting for this game and the city is named as Los Santos which can be defined as the modified name of Los Angeles. It is regarded as a drawback of this game as the same city was adopted for GTA San Andreas. However the landscapes, alleys, shores, desserts, fields, and city areas are extremely detailed in this game. In addition to this, there are plenty of strip clubs and dance clubs in this part which were not included in the previous one. Hollywood is modified to Vinewood and the same procedure is adopted for other landmarks of California.

There is no shadow of a doubt that the graphical illustrations are more lifelike than any of the previous Grand Theft Autos. Rockstar Game thrive off the best in the field of storyline and digital graphics of the game.

The missions are more fearsome and difficult with increased incidents of torture, killings, profanity, nudity, and kidnappings. These factors are the main reason GTA is played by millions of the players. The most repelling scene is based on the torture procedures requested by FBI agent. It reflects the methods that are allegedly adopted by the FBI to extract information and this content are still being debated among the critics. You can watch the gross video of torture by clicking here.

Following the ritual of previous releases, Grand Theft Auto V is also full of different scenes that pose a question to the intention of the manufacturer. Drunk driving is another feature that is also included in this game because it gained immense success in previous games. The video of drunk driving can be found here.

Even though explosions and bomb blasts are normal in GTA, but they’re louder and gorier in this release. The game is advanced and so is the level of thrill and rush. With the exceptional graphics, Rockstar Games has improved and enhanced the standard of virtual gaming and provides an extraordinary.

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