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GTA Thrives on Controversies


Controversy or negative publicity is a method of promotion. They say no press is bad press, but there are some that thrive off bad press. It seems, that this method is whole-heartedly accepted by Rockstar Games in the case of the popular Grand Theft Auto series. The rumors regarding this controversial game still grab the […]


Expect Exciting DLC Packs For Batman: Arkham Knight in November as PC Gamers Battle Compatibility Issues


Warner Brothers has recently announced that fans of the Batman Arkham Knight game will soon be able to enjoy the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batsuit and Batmobile in November. Excitement is brewing of this DLC pack as the Batsuit edition from the very first Batman movie did not disappoint the fans. Warner Brothers […]


Grand Theft Auto 5, Another Violent Addition


The chaos created at the release of new series of Grand Theft Auto has now become a predictable incident. Despite of the controversies associated with the game, the effort that Rockstar Game puts into the GTA series and the graphical designing cannot be matched. We have to give the due credit to the manufacturer for […]


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