GTA Thrives on Controversies


Controversy or negative publicity is a method of promotion. They say no press is bad press, but there are some that thrive off bad press. It seems, that this method is whole-heartedly accepted by Rockstar Games in the case of the popular Grand Theft Auto series. The rumors regarding this controversial game still grab the attention of fans and it piques their interest!

A Brief Overview of the Game

Those that are hearing of the game for the first time might wonder why and how it became so popular. Well, the answer is pretty simple. The game is exceptional.

It is designed to entice the player. It grabs the attention of players by providing them an opportunity to basically do what they want. Different levels of the game that are commonly known as missions are followed with rewards. Most of the stories revolve around individual characters. Most of the games mainly revolved around a character named Tommy Vercetti

Controversies & Grand Theft Auto – Hand in Hand

The Grand Theft Auto series is hands down one of the most controversial games of all time as it is designed to glamorize the criminal life. The impact of this game on the psychology of its players is still widely debated. Parents are concerned about the impact of this game on the behavior of their children.

GTA have been vastly criticized for glamorizing a criminal lifestyle. According to critics, Tommy Vercetti has become the role model for the young generation and he is promoting crime and sexual disturbance among adolescents.

Additionally, the recent Grand Theft Auto games give players the option to get intoxicated (drunk) in the game and drive. Their vision gets blurred and shaky due to the exceeded consumption of alcohol. This addition in the game is considered irresponsible because it leads adolescents to believing that driving under the influence is okay as long as they don’t get caught. The game is known to be sexually explicit with profanity, nudity, and encouragement of prostitution.

In November 2008, a with 19 year old boy was charged sexual attacks, his lawyer debated the point that he had played GTA all day and he was under the impact of this game. The Judge, Philip Statman, told the victim that “it is right to observe there is a worrying mirror of conduct between that which the pornography presented to you and that which you carried out…”. If you want to know the additional specification of the case, please click here. In addition to this, several crimes are also reported in which the alleged claimed that they were trying to reenact a scene from one of the Grand Theft Auto games.

Paying Employees to Create Controversies

There are rumors that Rockstar Games pays employees to create negative propaganda about the game. This news is even confirmed by ex-employees of Rockstar Games. Controversies can be easily cashed in on by the company as they are regarded as free publicity for the games.

The interest of the players is piqued and the revenue the games generate increases manifold with negative controversies and rumors. The controversies related to GTA are abundant and so is the revenue generated by the games. The controversies regarding this game arises prior to the launch of new series that triggers the debate, however the game is still generating revenue despite of all the controversies and rumors. If Rockstar Games is actually promoting the rumors as a publicity stunt, we can say that the goal their goal has been accomplished!

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