Why The Division is the hottest game right now


It is almost impossible for gamers to not hear talk about The Division right now .The game has taken the gaming world by storm and is the most played new game online if you check the stats on Steam and other gaming services. The game is doing so well because Ubisoft seem to have perfected their formula. Some people were disappointed that The Division had the loot system similar to so many other Ubisoft games. The game isn’t another iteration of the Ubisoft formula; it is the most engaging and rewarding game with the Ubisoft formula. Once you play the game you will quickly realize why it’s worth all the praise it is getting.

Why You Need to Play This Game

Why is The Division the hottest game right now?

What made me fall in love with the Division is the dark zone. No other game has made me feel as much of a dangerous hunter as the division has. Most other games keep you safe by giving you lots of save points. Most other games also make Player VS. Player inconsequential to make sure people play it. The Division does none of this. When I do PVP in the Division, I do it knowing that I am risking everything I have.

Why would I kill others in the game? The loot is the reason behind people venturing into the dangerous area. During the normal cooperative game you and your teammates will earn rewards. This will include different types of guns, armor, and gadgets. When you kill enemies they drop loot as well. Any player you kill in the dark zone will drop their items as well. There is a huge risk involved as well; you may lose all your items if you are killed. This makes going into the dark zone a truly thrilling experience. You know you cannot just save and reload and retry the area; if someone kills you, they get the good stuff you worked hard for. If you think other games are thrilling, wait till you enter the dark zone.

I found that the way I played changed completely when I entered the dark zone. I knew that if l lost an item, it wouldn’t come back. I played with a lot more cautiously. I actually planned attacks and ambushes, all because there was a real sense of danger and risk. I don’t think I have played any game with this much involvement, purely because no other game has given me a risk and reward ratio like this.

An immersive world

The Division’s world is beautiful and alive. There isn’t a lot to interact with but even simply wandering around gives you the impression that people used to live here. The story is told through tidbits of information you will find all over the map. There are long stretches of the map where you will not meet any enemy and you won’t get bored due to how immersed you will be in the map of the game. It really does feel like we are exploring an alternate reality instead of just playing another video game. The world-building done through sound, design, and story is incredible.

Fantastic Gun Play

The feel of a gun matters a lot when it comes to shooter. It isn’t something you can count in numbers but it is something that is very noticeable. We still remember how satisfying the Shotgun in Doom was even though the game is more than 2 decades old. The Division makes it fun to shoot enemies purely because of how well designed everything about the gun play is. Every bullet sounds different. If you have excellent speaks you will truly appreciate the amount of work that went into the sound design. Powerful weapons have a satisfying punch to them which makes them a joy to shoot.

Great Skill System

Most games have a simple skill system in which you upgrade your player. The division has 3 different types of upgrades which all work at the same time; Skills, Perks, and Talents. There are many different skills, perks, and talents you can choose from. This allows you to create a player that really is customized according to your playing style. It also gives the game great re-playability. Once you’ve played with 1 type of player you can create a new profile with different skill sets and face the same enemies with completely different strategies.

The Bottom Line

The Division does not bring a lot of new things to the table but whatever it brings it brings in its most polished form. The gun fights are incredibly fun, the world building is phenomenal, and the skills system is truly customizable. The fact that further content is being added such as new missions and much more only makes the game even more of a must buy.


Tom Clancy's The Division - PlayStation 4 - Standard Edition

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