Bloodborne: The Old Hunters makes one of the best games ever even better


It is no secret that Bloodborne was one of the best games in recent memory. The game was beautiful and challenging. It was a legitimate piece of art, the type of game which comes out once every few years. The game was a breath of fresh air because of how different it was when compared to most other games. Instead of holding your hands and guiding you everywhere the game seems intent on making your life hell. Dark Souls is often compared to Bloodborne and it is clear that there are some similarities to them. Dark Souls is also challenging and also seems to make things difficult wherever possible but the beauty isn’t there. Bloodborne is beautiful and terrifying.

The Most Brutally Difficult Game out there

If you think you know fear wait till you play Bloodborne: The Old Hunters. The sense of dread this game produces is amazing. You will need to play with a box of tissues handy simply because your hands will be sweating due to the intense feelings this game produces. There is no other game out there which can make you feel the way Bloodborne makes you feel. One of the bosses stabs herself and coats her weapons in blood to increase their efficiency; this is the level of horror we are talking about. Seriously, Bloodborne is the most unique game we have played. If you thought Dark Souls was unique, you will

realize it was nothing when you play Bloodborne. The horror produced by Bloodborne is so different from anything else; you won’t be scared of jumpy and fast things. The whole level, every sound, everything just reeks of wrongness. If you like to get your blood pumping due to thrilling and scary stuff, you cannot miss this game.

The dread isn’t just in the visuals, it is embedded into the gameplay itself. You will fail at Bloodborne more than you have failed at any other game. You will die again and again and again. You will feel like you have just started playing video games. If you have been gaming for a long time and used to play those 2d scrollers like Ghouls n Goblins which frustrated you you’ll know what we talking about. This game is ten times worse than that and we love it. Most games hold your hand to make sure you feel good while playing them, Bloodborne does the opposite. You will feel like the game designers are enjoying themselves by taunting you. It feels refreshing to play a game that is actually a challenge after all these years.

Bigger and Badder Enemies

The biggest addition the Old Hunters makes to the Bloodborne game are boss fights. Bloodborne had some beautiful bosses to fight. You didn’t just want to beat the bosses, you legitimately felt disgusted and scared of some of the bosses. The Old Hunters has new bosses which are a must for any Bloodborne fan. Our favorite might be Lady Maria. Her design is haunting and the way she uses blood is proper scary movie material. The Living Failures are similarly disturbing with their weirdly proportioned bodies. Don’t even get us started on the Orphan of Kos and how he eats his placenta to gain new powers…. Every boss in this game is deeply disturbing and unsettling. You won’t find a game like this anywhere else.

What makes Bloodborne fun

If you read reviews of Bloodborne you’ll find everyone talking about how intense the game is. It is this intensity which makes this game a must play; you will not have entertainment like this anywhere. The game is difficult and you will die again and again. Usually games which are this hard to beat are frustrating but not Bloodborne. See, dying is part of the game here. You aren’t failing because you aren’t good enough; the game is just that hard. You’ll fall in love with the game once you beat a boss. The satisfaction you feel after killing a hard to kill boss is amazing. The Old Hunters also adds 4 new locations to the Bloodborne world. Needless to say, this isn’t something you should miss if you consider yourself a gamer.


Bloodborne - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

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