Cookie Gamer

Hi, I’m Kevin!

I founded Cookie Gamer as a place to share my love of video games with other gamers and to get them excited about creating a gaming community.

Before I started CG, I had stopped playing video games and I was working a dreary job that I wasn’t passionate about. I knew that I wanted more time to do the things I loved and I was itching to start something that would bring more people together. To me, creating my own business was the perfect first step to bringing inspiration back into my work life and to giving back to growing communities. At first I wasn’t sure what shape my adventure would take, then I realized that one of the things I missed most was video games, and that gaming news was a great opportunity to get people excited about their hobby.

And thus, Cookie Gamer was born! The CG blog is all about sharing tidbits from the gaming world with the people who love the games. From one gamer to another. I hope you enjoy it.

A big thank you to Design Shopp for all of their time and hard work on my beautiful website. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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